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    The camera is the worlds first time machine. The images it produces can take you back to a specific time in space. Imagine the incredible awe when man saw photographs for the first time. Maybe you were moved by an image you once saw. 


    Today we take this all for granted. Every day 300 million photographs are uploaded to Facebook alone. I personally do not know anyone that doesn't own a camera. It is a shame in many ways. The true art is becoming diluted. The photography I see from most is pale in comparison to photographs taken 50-60 years ago.  More care went into each photo taken since the cost was hundreds of times greater for each image. 


     I am a romantic about these earlier times but at the same time I am passionate about new technologies. I hope you can see both in my work. I welcome almost any type of assignment that can be accomplished by my equipment. 


    Please browse my portfolio and let me know what you think. Give me a call to discuss any "professional photography you have a need for.




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